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“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” — Proverbs 22:6.

Our Staff

Mr. Quinn Sprengeler

Mr. Quinn Sprengeler graduated from Immanuel Lutheran College in Eau Claire, WI, in 1983. After gaining twelve years of teaching experience in Minnesota he was installed as head teacher and principal at Redemption School in 1995.

Feel free to contact Mr. Sprengeler at 425-582-1381 or email him at:



The purpose of Redemption Lutheran School is simply to assist parents and guardians with the Christian education of their children.  This task involves the instruction and application of God’s inspired and inerrant Word throughout the school day.

It is the goal of Redemption school that the children entrusted to its care will grow in their knowledge and love of our Savior from sin, becoming useful citizens here as they prepare for citizenship in heaven.

In order to serve the Lord with their abilities and talents, the students are taught that they have good reason to learn of God’s orderly creation (mathematical, biological, and physical sciences) and of God’s continual working in the events of the world around us (social sciences).  What better reason for learning to communicate well (language arts) than to share God’s Gospel Word of peace and promise with others?


Our curriculum meets the academic requirements set down by the State of Washington for children in grades K-8. Our curriculum is based on Christ and God’s saving love. A study of Bible stories, Christian doctrines, prayers, hymns and Bible verses brings the Savior-God into the classroom.

Graduates of our school are admitted to other schools on the same basis as those from public school. The teachers together with the Pastor and the Church Council seek to maintain the highest academic standards in our school. Periodic testing is done to see that high standards are maintained.

Non-member enrollment

In line with our Lord’s command to “go and teach all nations,” we at Redemption recognize our mission calling. We want to share our faith with as many as we can reach with the message of forgiveness through faith in Christ crucified to pay for all sin. Therefore we encourage and will give consideration to all applications by non-members for enrollment in our school.

Those who wish to enroll are invited to make an appointment for an interview. Typically this interview involves the parents/guardians, the student, the principal, and the pastor. Applications are to be received and considered for approval by the church council, in consultation with the principal. The principal asks parents for permission to request the school records of transferring students.

The progress of each student as well as their impact on the rest of the classroom is subject to periodic review by the church council in consultation with the principal.


Redemption Lutheran Congregation values the privilege and blessing of Christian education very highly. For this reason the Congregation supports the expenses of the school, resulting in low tuition costs. Members pay no special tuition other than their regular offerings for the overall operation of both church and school. There is, however, a once-a-year, per student fee of $50 for workbooks, paper, writing instruments and other non-reusable teaching tools.

A tuition plan has been established for non-member families as follows (effective Fall 2024):

The cost per child is $340 per month payable on the first day of the month. Kindergarten tuition is $160 per month for each child whether or not there is an additional child. The first month’s payment is to be made in advance at the time of enrollment, and may be refunded by half should the child for any reason not actually attend.

School events are included on the church calendar.